Our vocation

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Treat yourself to the best for your Language Department

If your objectives for your students are –

  • to have the right level in a language to validate their degree
  • to be credible and efficient once on the job market, in France or internationally
  • to ensure their success enhances your brand image and your school continues to attract many high level students

FL&C is the right choice !

Since 1986, we have developed and honed our offer to achieve these goals. We put our comprehensive services and expertise at our client’s disposal to take charge of all or part of your Language Department’s administration and everyday operations, while delivering very high-quality training programmmes.


FL&C provides full support for your Language Department. We immerse ourselves in your culture and manage the administrative back office, the deployment of language training programmes as well as the level tests for your students, all with a high degree of autonomy.


In addition to training expertise and the implementation of innovative teaching tools, the FL&C teams ensure that each student’s language level is raised through bespoke programmes.

A global solution

FL&C not only provides language training or communication programmes in foreign languages, but also offers you a comprehensive solution, both front and back office, to take charge of all or part of your Language Department’s needs: incoming testing of students, administration of the service, organization and programme management, selection of the best trainers, outgoing student testing and certifications.

Supporting innovation

FL&C is a member of the EdTech France association, which unites all companies that make technology and innovation useful for education, higher education and lifelong learning.


Christophe Kijewski


Our expertise, developed over more than 35 years working with INSEAD and other major schools (Mines ParisTech, Ecam Lyon…), guarantees real added value in your training approach for your students, boosting your brand image enhancement and setting you apart from your competitors.

The importance of language proficiency in a changing world

By choosing FL&C, you give your students all the necessary skills to successfully enter the professional world, whether in France or internationally. We focus on your training needs to achieve your goals and significantly improve your students’ language level and skills. Our rich catalogue of more than fifteen languages resonates with the increasingly connected world around us.

The programmes provided by FL&C are perfectly suited to both your students’ and your needs.


Leave your contact information so we can discuss your project of full or partial outsourcing of your Language Department.